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Books  |  6 September 2023
The Digital Transformation Playbook

What You Need to Know and Do

Second edition – An indispensable resource for you and your organization as you embark on the exciting and challenging journey of digital transformation

Books  |  15 November 2022
Building Resilient Organizations

Best Practices, Tools, and Insights to Thrive in Ever Changing Contexts

In our tumultuous times, understanding and achieving resilience have never been more important. Some organizations have resilience in their DNA. They possess the agility of mind, culture, and organization to survive and thrive no matter...

Books  |  1 December 2021
Perpetual Transformation

Practical Tools, Inspiration and Best Practice to Constantly Transform Your World

Transformation is no longer a short-lived initiative. It is not a program. It is not linear. Instead, the world’s leading organizations now embrace transformation as a challenging, stretching, exciting and essential constant in their...

Books  |  22 October 2020
Transforming Beyond the Crisis

What organizations need to do now to seize tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us how fragile our societies, businesses, and our lives are. It turned things upside down in a matter of weeks.

Books  |  15 November 2019
The Transformation Playbook

Insights, Wisdom and Best Practices to Make Transformation Reality

Transformation is not a neat theory, but a human imperative in our fast-changing times. Transformation has never been more important and the human side of transformation is now, at long last, being fully appreciated.

Books  |  14 November 2019
Characterizing the Gap Between Strategy and Implementation

The last century has witnessed a rapid increase in global population, mobility, urbanization, and commerce. What should be our response to this age of connected complexity as practitioners, thought leaders, and researchers? These times push...

Books  |  28 November 2018
The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook

How to Transform Strategies into Great Results

In today’s dynamic business environment, creating and implementing great strategies requires talent, resources and the right practices and tools. The book showcases a unique and compelling collection of valuable experiences, research,...

Books  |  9 July 2018
战略制胜 | Strategy@Work: From design to delivery

Book: Working with our partners at Thinkers50, The Brightline Initiative have created Strategy@Work. It showcases some of the very best thinkers in the field of strategy and beyond. We hope that it acts as a catalyst for readers to get...

Books  |  13 November 2017
Strategy@Work: From design to delivery

Distilled to three words it is: Getting things done. Strategy@Work showcases some of the very best thinkers in the field of strategy and beyond. We hope that it acts as a catalyst for readers to get things done.