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Case Studies  |  9 December 2019
Reykjavik Energy Group

How An Icelandic Energy And Utility Company Realized Its Strategic Vision

Near two-thirds of Iceland’s population depends on Reykjavik Energy Group (REG) to provide electricity, geothermal water for heating and cold water for consumption and firefighting as well as wastewater systems and fiber-optic network.

Case Studies  |  8 November 2019
Built For Speed: How Swift Strategy Execution is Improving the Lives of UAE Citizens

UAE Vision 2021 is an initiative that aims to make the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a world-leading country. Here are some of the principles that helped them successfully complete 40+ high-priority challenges under a 100-day deadline. 

Case Studies  |  14 May 2019
Organizational Transformation: How Steelcase Developed a Strategy for Growth in a Changing Workplace

Steelcase made its mark as an internationally recognized name in office furnishings with the introduction of Victor—a fireproof steel waste basket designed to reduce fires, which are often caused by ashes in wicker wastebaskets. More than...

Case Studies  |  1 April 2019
A (Brilliant) case study: How do you turn a big, bold, potentially game-changing idea into a reality?

InSTEDD is a small nonprofit founded with an ambitious vision: to create a global alarm system for pandemics. Twelve years in, it’s driving toward its mission — by instinctively following Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles.

Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  21 February 2019
Food for Thought: How a Century-old Agro-giant Re-imagined its Business Strategy

Faced with mounting global competition, smaller profit margins and a more tech-savvy consumer Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) needed to find other ways of growing beyond geographic expansion. But maneuvering a century-old global commodities...

Case Studies  |  7 February 2019
International Charity Sets Its Sights On Africa With Disease-Eliminating Strategy

For decades, trachoma ranked as the most important cause of blindness in the West African country of Ghana. Here’s a look at the strategy Sightsavers, an international NGO, executed to eliminate a disease in Ghana that has plagued...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  4 December 2018
Save The Children’s Global Strategy

For decades, Save the Children functioned as a loosely connected association with 29 member organizations operating in 120 countries. That approach helped the international non-governmental organization promote children’s rights and...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  4 December 2018
An Agile Blueprint For Effective Strategy Execution At ING Group

Today’s banking customers are more demanding than ever. With the proliferation of smartphones and customer-friendly apps, many have grown to expect omni-channel experiences, personalized services and real-time interactions from their...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  8 June 2018
NASA’s Down-To-Earth Principles Deliver Positive Strategic Outcomes

Not every organization is preparing for future trips to Mars or searching for planets well beyond our solar system. But while the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) pursues these and additional otherworldly ambitions, its...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  11 May 2018
How a Focus on Culture, Talent, Metrics and Technology Drives the American Red Cross’s Strategy

Every year, the American Red Cross responds to an average of 64,000 disasters, provides 40% of the country’s blood supply, trains nearly 5.9 million people in first aid and CPR, and offers more than 110,000 military families emergency...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy

Case Studies  |  23 April 2018
How Saudi Telecom Is Reinventing Itself Through Smart Strategy Delivery

Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications industry is in the midst of a seismic shift. Saudi Telecom (STC) has responded to this changing climate with bold moves, including a new business strategy that focuses on growth in several key areas and...

By: Forbes
Topics: Strategy