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Case Studies
How Saudi Telecom Is Reinventing Itself Through Smart Strategy Delivery

Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications industry is in the midst of a seismic shift. Saudi Telecom (STC) has responded to this changing climate with bold moves, including a new business strategy that focuses on growth in several key areas and...

The Brightline Transformation Compass

A comprehensive system for transformation

Project Management Institute, together with Behnam Tabrizi, renowned expert in Transformation.

The Transformation Playbook

Insights, Wisdom and Best Practices to Make Transformation Reality

Transformation is not a neat theory, but a human imperative in our fast-changing times. Transformation has never been more important and the human side of transformation is now, at long last, being fully appreciated.

Brightline: employee engagement is key to delivering a successful transformation

Many organisations are sceptical of business transformation, perhaps as a result of having tried and failed in the past. With Brightline’s support, however, businesses can follow a clear process that guarantees results

The Transformation Imperative Livestream

How to Navigate Change in the Era of Transformation?

Watch The Transformation Imperative Livestream. At the World Economic Forum at Davos on 21 January 2020, Brightline Initiative together with Boston Consulting Group and the Project Management Institute supported The Transformation...

Digital transformation in the wake of a crisis: focus on people

Crises differ in character, scale, and scope, but some aspects are true no matter the organisation, industry, or geography.

Transforming traditional businesses doesn’t have to be an elusive goal

Firms need to develop an appetite for innovation, leverage knowledge about customers, and adopt agile ways of working.

Transforming Beyond the Crisis

What organizations need to do now to seize tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us how fragile our societies, businesses, and our lives are. It turned things upside down in a matter of weeks.

Digital Transformation in Action

How do you effectively lead in the midst of the “hyper-connected now”? DTIA is an expert-led exchange between C-suite and decision makers from public and private sectors, strategy, and transformation professionals, and global change...

Transformation Ignition Points

Making sense of transformation — and the idea of perpetual transformation — is undoubtedly a demanding task. But, while each situation in an organization feels very different, the reality is that there are shared experiences, fears and...

The Digital Transformation Playbook

What You Need to Know and Do

Second edition – An indispensable resource for you and your organization as you embark on the exciting and challenging journey of digital transformation

Transformation in action

New technologies offer not only innovations for new products or new ways of production but also opportunities for organizations to bring their communication and cooperation skills to the next level.

Resiliency's Role in Strategy and Transformation

This discussion will explore Strategic Doing, an evidence-based, practice-proven framework for digital transformation and resiliency in organizations. Strategic Doing was incubated at Purdue University and leaders are utilizing it across...

The Story of DBS Bank: Lessons from a World-Class Digital Transformation

Robin Speculand shares how DBS Bank transformed from a traditional bank to the world’s best by leveraging digitalization

Digital transformation for teams that are not digital-first, yet.

A Brightline's Transformation Talk with Rahul Avasthy, who leads digital transformation and experience at Abbott Laboratories.

Transformation in action: A tale of two transformations

In this talk, the CIO of UNOPS, Tushar Dighe, talked about the story of two digital transformations at UNOPS, one that occurred several years ago and one that is currently ongoing. For the former, with time, there are victories to cherish...

Driving Sustainable Innovation

How to Do Well While Doing Good

The book offers a thought-provoking yet highly applicable resource for you and your organization to make sense of the future. It brings together a powerful collection of executives, thought leaders, practitioners, and researchers from...