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Infographics  |  2 March 2020
[Infographic] Blockchain in Global Trade

Revitalizing International Commerce in the Digital Era

This infographic explores how blockchain can improve global trade for all stakeholders—banks and financiers, corporations, logistics companies, regulatory bodies, insurance providers, and customs authorities—and lays out a road map for...

Infographics  |  21 August 2019
Engaged Leaders Make Stronger Companies

What does it mean to be a role model in a leading organization? To answer that question, we can look to strategy implementation leaders—organizations that can adapt to new or unexpected markets, move ahead of their competition, and...

Infographics  |  11 September 2018
Timing is money

The four dilemmas of timing when to implement a business strategy. Although we have become quite savvy about knowing whether an innovative idea is disruptive, we don't really have tools for knowing when such disruption should happen, and...

Infographics  |  3 October 2017
Bridging the Strategy Design-Delivery Gap: What the Leaders are Doing

The benefits of bridging the gap between strategy design and delivery are unmistakable. A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey finds that only 10% of respondents consistently achieve those benefits. See what sets these Leaders apart.

Infographics  |  3 October 2017
Designing and Delivering a Strategy that Works: Managing the Two Faces of Culture

Organisational culture is complex and can powerfully help, or hurt, companies as they shepherd strategy from design to delivery. A survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit highlights some ways companies can meet the urgent mandate to...

Infographics  |  3 October 2017
Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops for Strategy Design and Delivery

Changes in competitor and customer demands frequently undermine strategy delivery… so most companies monitor key customer and competitor trends likely to affect strategy. However, monitoring is not enough, see why. Based on a recent...