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Getting Smart About Change Management

The business world, like the geopolitical world, has entered a new age of uncertainty. Turbulence is affecting more and more industries, more frequently and more severely. One-time market leaders and corporate giants fall rapidly from...

Learning from Crisis Mode (Appendix)

Quartz Insights, in collaboration with the Brightline Initiative, set out to identify the ways that organizations can best leverage the experience of a crisis and use those learnings to improve the way they integrate strategy design and...

Learning from Crisis Mode

Implications for Better Strategy Implementation

Quartz Insights, in collaboration with the Brightline Initiative, set out to identify the ways that organizations can best leverage the experience of a crisis and use those learnings to improve the way they integrate strategy design and...

Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain – Toward a New Era in Precision Medicine

This white paper explores a new model of healthcare delivery that works for both medical professionals, the patients they serve, and the regulators providing oversight. In this model, patients co-create and own their data, have full access...

Strategic Initiative Management: The PMO Imperative

For many businesses today, generally only two things are certain: greater uncertainty and an accelerated pace of change. Globalization increases the scope of competition. Digitization hastens the pace of business. Customers are more...

The Nine Disruptions – Why We Need a New Social Contract for the Digital Economy

This white paper describes nine disruptions to our global economy and society, driven by the technological explosion of the fourth industrial revolution, the globalization of the factors of production, the demographic paradoxes of skilled...

[Strategy@Work] Strategy in Times of Disruption and Crisis

In today’s business environment, disruption and crises are inevitable. This panel focused on some key questions. Watch it.


Improving Strategy After A Crisis

A crisis doesn’t need to spell disaster, and can even have a lasting positive effect on strategy design and implementation.

Surprise: leveraging the unexpected in strategy implementation

Research suggests approaches to enhance practitioners' improvisational abilities

We love to emphasise the importance of details in strategy planning. This leads to a false confidence that all we need to do is “push the button” and lean back to watch our strategy implementation unfold.

Survive, then thrive: Four ways to emerge stronger from a corporate crisis

Crisis comes in all shapes, sizes, and severity levels. From data breaches to product recalls, handling challenges is an inevitable part of leading a business. When your company has been thrown into chaos, how can you leverage the...

Press Releases

15 September 2022 ...

Brightline Initiative Study Identifies Crisis Mode Learnings that Create Stronger Strategy Implementation Capabilities

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In partnership with Quartz Insights, Brightline™ Initiative today announces the release of research report “Learning From Crisis Mode – Implications for Better Strategy Implementation”. The...

Research Highlight – Workshops on better managing surprises in strategy implementation

Brightline and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working with teams of senior managers to fine-tune and validate a set of workshop tools that allows strategy professionals to understand how their organization manages...

The Transformation Playbook

Insights, Wisdom and Best Practices to Make Transformation Reality

Transformation is not a neat theory, but a human imperative in our fast-changing times. Transformation has never been more important and the human side of transformation is now, at long last, being fully appreciated.

Avoiding strategic surprises: beware of the lurkers!

The most challenging surprises in strategic projects are those that have been hiding in plain sight from the beginning.

Distributed Power

How Blockchain Will Transform Global Energy Markets

In this research, energy expert and innovator Lawrence Orsini shares his work on blockchain applications that will transform global energy grids at local, national, and international levels.

Digital transformation in the wake of a crisis: focus on people

Crises differ in character, scale, and scope, but some aspects are true no matter the organisation, industry, or geography.

How can Leaders Transform their Organizations in Crisis

Ricardo Vargas and Tahirou Assane

How can leaders transform their organizations in times of crisis? Any event that can challenge the survival of your organization can result in a productivity change that lasts.

Transforming Beyond the Crisis

What organizations need to do now to seize tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us how fragile our societies, businesses, and our lives are. It turned things upside down in a matter of weeks.

How social impact and purpose are the new pillars for transforming your company [Strategy@Work 2020]

Deepa Prahalad, Efosa Ojomo & Carolina Da Costa discuss how serving social impact and purpose can transform your company for good.

Transformation Ignition Points

Making sense of transformation — and the idea of perpetual transformation — is undoubtedly a demanding task. But, while each situation in an organization feels very different, the reality is that there are shared experiences, fears and...

How to Transform Strategy Execution with Digital Infrastructure and Establish Modern Strategic Governance

More than ever, companies need adaptability and fast, agile strategic decision-making. However, while technological developments—and digitalization in particular—have transformed virtually all areas of business management, progress has...

Building Resilience for a Changing World

Practical strategies for performing well under the pressure of a crisis, as well as better ways to plan and prepare for an evolving future.