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Webinars  |  20 February 2024
Driving Sustainability Strategy Home | Webinar

It’s never been more crucial for today’s executive leaders to create business strategies that center sustainability and move organizations forward. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, sponsored by Brightline, surveyed 548 members...

Webinars  |  2 April 2021
Teamwork Innovation: How to build teams that can thrive post-pandemic

Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder share key lessons from working with teams during the pandemic.

Webinars  |  4 March 2021
3 Steps to Enhance your Enterprise's Learning with Emerging Technologies

How can you accelerate learning in your organization at a time when technology changes so rapidly?

Webinars  |  5 January 2021
Get Unstuck, Move Ahead and Transform with Matt Marsh

Successful, yet feeling stuck? Surprisingly, research shows it's often successful organizations that find it the hardest to change and transform. Business recovery, reinvention, and rejuvenation is demanding. And firms do get stuck along...

Webinars  |  23 June 2020
3 Ways of Empowering Your People to Transform

Whitney Johnson

In these unprecedented times, the role of leadership has undergone a fundamental shift. How can leaders have empathetic and authentic conversations?

Webinars  |  23 June 2020
How To Transform Your Organization Into An Innovation Engine

Tendayi Viki

Is your organization able to innovate and create new growth in a repeatable way? Do your innovators have to hide and protect their ideas in case they are killed by the corporate machine?

Webinars  |  16 June 2020
Reframing: How to Solve the Right Problems?

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

Are you good at solving the right problems?

Webinars  |  16 April 2020
How can Leaders Transform their Organizations in Crisis

Ricardo Vargas and Tahirou Assane

How can leaders transform their organizations in times of crisis? Any event that can challenge the survival of your organization can result in a productivity change that lasts.

Webinars  |  28 March 2020
People-Centered Transformation; How to Put People First

Tony O' Driscoll

In these uncertain times, the failure rate in implementing organizational change initiatives is too high and too costly to be sustained. How can your organization survive and thrive in today’s complex context?

Webinars  |  12 March 2020
What are the 3 Essentials of Transforming Your Organization?

Ron Carucci

Two-time TEDx speaker, author and transformation expert, Ron Carruci looks at how to design transformational change systemically.

Webinars  |  13 December 2019
What are the 4 Strategic Tasks in Transformation

Josef Oehmen (Denmark Technical University)

What are the tasks of the CEO, in an age when the interns know more than formal leaders? Dr. Josef Oehmen shares his key insights on the 4 strategic tasks that define the success of transformations.

Webinars  |  12 December 2019
How can Leaders Execute a People-First Transformation?

Claudio Garcia

In this Brightline webinar delivered by Claudio Garcia, former EVP, Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), you can learn his expert views on how to execute a "People-first" strategy for transformation.