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Books  |  6 September 2023
The Digital Transformation Playbook

What You Need to Know and Do

Second edition – An indispensable resource for you and your organization as you embark on the exciting and challenging journey of digital transformation

Videos  |  29 November 2022
Building Resilient Organizations, a new PMI | Brightline & Thinkers50 book.

Best Practices, Tools, and Insights to Thrive in Ever Changing Contexts.

With contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world, Building Resilient Organizations will enable you and your organization further to develop resilience as a muscle in your organization.

Reports  |  15 September 2022
The Chief Transformation Officer

Why Transformation Leaders Matter, What They (Should) Do, and What They Need to Succeed

In this report, Project Management Institute (PMI) and Accenture examine how the individuals who take on this emerging role drive effective enterprise transformation and ultimately build a company-wide “changing capability.” Our...

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can we advance women leaders in workplace? [Strategy@Work 2020]

How can leaders drive a culture that celebrates diversity, equity and includes different opinions?

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How social impact and purpose are the new pillars for transforming your company [Strategy@Work 2020]

Deepa Prahalad, Efosa Ojomo & Carolina Da Costa discuss how serving social impact and purpose can transform your company for good.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
Transformation on the Frontlines of COVID-19: A Perspective from Healthcare [Strategy@Work 2020]

This panel during the Strategy@Work 2020 Conference discussed the massive transformation at the frontlines around the healthcare sector.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can leaders engage their people fully? A conversation with Michelle Stacy and Whitney Johnson [Strategy@Work 2020]

Only people can generate growth and innovate yet employees are the most undervalued resources.

Webinars  |  2 April 2021
Teamwork Innovation: How to build teams that can thrive post-pandemic

Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder share key lessons from working with teams during the pandemic.

Webinars  |  5 January 2021
Get Unstuck, Move Ahead and Transform with Matt Marsh

Successful, yet feeling stuck? Surprisingly, research shows it's often successful organizations that find it the hardest to change and transform. Business recovery, reinvention, and rejuvenation is demanding. And firms do get stuck along...

Books  |  22 October 2020
Transforming Beyond the Crisis

What organizations need to do now to seize tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us how fragile our societies, businesses, and our lives are. It turned things upside down in a matter of weeks.

Reports  |  18 June 2020
What are the Skills and Functions Required of the CSO to Implement Strategy in Large Organizations?

We see the birth of the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) position within the governance of large corporations, in a transfer process of responsibility for strategy execution to a specific role in an organization’s top management teams.

Reports  |  6 April 2020
Strategic Transformation Research

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

In this report, we examine the correlation between strategy implementation success and transformation effectiveness and speed. We also dig into factors such as adaptability, the adoption of formalized processes, and how frameworks are...

Reports  |  6 April 2020
Strategic Transformation Research – Appendix

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

This appendix is a complementary resource to “Strategic Transformation: Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times,” research report.

Articles  |  24 March 2020
Blocked pipeline: the career trajectory of women in strategy leadership

A study in Brazil shows how management consulting's gender gap affects the leadership ranks in strategy.

Articles  |  5 February 2020
Changing the Way We Change

Removing the resistive forces to change by reducing learning anxiety is the key to unlocking the discretionary effort of your people to maintain the viability and vibrancy of your business.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
People-centred transformation is an urgent priority for a fast-changing world

The existential threat facing organizations is clear. They must change, or they will die.

Organizations cannot change unless their people change, and most transformation efforts fail because organizations over-emphasize the tangible side of change and under-emphasize the emotional one.