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Videos  |  29 November 2022
Building Resilient Organizations, a new PMI | Brightline & Thinkers50 book.

Best Practices, Tools, and Insights to Thrive in Ever Changing Contexts.

With contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world, Building Resilient Organizations will enable you and your organization further to develop resilience as a muscle in your organization.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can we advance women leaders in workplace? [Strategy@Work 2020]

How can leaders drive a culture that celebrates diversity, equity and includes different opinions?

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can leaders engage their people fully? A conversation with Michelle Stacy and Whitney Johnson [Strategy@Work 2020]

Only people can generate growth and innovate yet employees are the most undervalued resources.

Webinars  |  2 April 2021
Teamwork Innovation: How to build teams that can thrive post-pandemic

Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder share key lessons from working with teams during the pandemic.

Reports  |  20 October 2020
How to lead through uncharted times – TED2020 Insights

Whether you are in business or government, at a university or nonprofit, leading through a time of transformation is always a challenge — one where old metrics for decision-making no longer work.

Articles  |  24 March 2020
Blocked pipeline: the career trajectory of women in strategy leadership

A study in Brazil shows how management consulting's gender gap affects the leadership ranks in strategy.

Articles  |  5 February 2020
Changing the Way We Change

Removing the resistive forces to change by reducing learning anxiety is the key to unlocking the discretionary effort of your people to maintain the viability and vibrancy of your business.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
Catalyse an Adaptive Leadership System

Overcoming organization extinction requires a new leadership system

Organizations are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate. This mass extinction is happening because companies can’t evolve quickly enough to keep up with the accelerating rate of change. If organizations can’t adapt they die.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
The Disengagement Epidemic: Can Ona Rescue Us?

A tool called Organization Network Analysis (ONA) allows companies to uncover their hidden Zappers—those who create energy—and connect them together into networks that fuel discretionary effort.

Articles  |  9 September 2019
Research Highlight – Workshops on better managing surprises in strategy implementation

Brightline and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working with teams of senior managers to fine-tune and validate a set of workshop tools that allows strategy professionals to understand how their organization manages...

Articles  |  11 February 2019
The Brightline Initiative is exploring how humans can thrive in the digital age

With technology continuing to grow in speed and capability, it is critical that leaders are able to exhibit the attributes that can’t be replicated by artificial intelligence in order to remain successful

Books  |  28 November 2018
The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook

How to Transform Strategies into Great Results

In today’s dynamic business environment, creating and implementing great strategies requires talent, resources and the right practices and tools. The book showcases a unique and compelling collection of valuable experiences, research,...

Articles  |  1 August 2018
Getting Smart About Change Management

The business world, like the geopolitical world, has entered a new age of uncertainty. Turbulence is affecting more and more industries, more frequently and more severely. One-time market leaders and corporate giants fall rapidly from...

Topics: Management

Articles  |  1 August 2018
The Hard Side of Change Management

Studies show that in most organizations, two out of three transformation initiatives fail. Managing change is tough, but part of the problem is that there is little agreement on what factors most influence transformation initiatives. Ask...

Topics: Management

Articles  |  19 July 2018
Changing Change Management: A Blueprint That Takes Hold

Organizations can successfully manage change—and make sure the changes stick. BCG explains the impact of the Change Delta.

Books  |  9 July 2018
战略制胜 | Strategy@Work: From design to delivery

Book: Working with our partners at Thinkers50, The Brightline Initiative have created Strategy@Work. It showcases some of the very best thinkers in the field of strategy and beyond. We hope that it acts as a catalyst for readers to get...