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Articles  |  25 October 2022
Transformation Ignition Points

Making sense of transformation — and the idea of perpetual transformation — is undoubtedly a demanding task. But, while each situation in an organization feels very different, the reality is that there are shared experiences, fears and...

Articles  |  17 January 2021
Transformation is personal

Organisational change is brought about one individual at a time

It is easy to say how important people are, but it is often difficult to translate the recognition of this importance into implementation. A change of behaviour or a change of outlook by one individual in an organisation is the cellular...

Articles  |  12 August 2020
Transforming traditional businesses doesn’t have to be an elusive goal

Firms need to develop an appetite for innovation, leverage knowledge about customers, and adopt agile ways of working.

Articles  |  6 July 2020
Digital transformation in the wake of a crisis: focus on people

Crises differ in character, scale, and scope, but some aspects are true no matter the organisation, industry, or geography.

Articles  |  8 June 2020
When tides turn, it’s time to transform

Every organization needs to chart its course. Change can be hard—even more so if your employees don’t have a clear direction. Start any transformation by defining your vision and how it impacts your employees and customers.

Articles  |  21 April 2020
5 essential strategic steps to transform your organization

Leaders must approach organizational change with an integrated perspective. These five takeaways, which emerged from our survey of more than 1,000 business leaders, will set your organization on the right path.

Articles  |  24 March 2020
Blocked pipeline: the career trajectory of women in strategy leadership

A study in Brazil shows how management consulting's gender gap affects the leadership ranks in strategy.

Articles  |  5 February 2020
Changing the Way We Change

Removing the resistive forces to change by reducing learning anxiety is the key to unlocking the discretionary effort of your people to maintain the viability and vibrancy of your business.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
People-centred transformation is an urgent priority for a fast-changing world

The existential threat facing organizations is clear. They must change, or they will die.

Organizations cannot change unless their people change, and most transformation efforts fail because organizations over-emphasize the tangible side of change and under-emphasize the emotional one.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
Catalyse an Adaptive Leadership System

Overcoming organization extinction requires a new leadership system

Organizations are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate. This mass extinction is happening because companies can’t evolve quickly enough to keep up with the accelerating rate of change. If organizations can’t adapt they die.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
The Disengagement Epidemic: Can Ona Rescue Us?

A tool called Organization Network Analysis (ONA) allows companies to uncover their hidden Zappers—those who create energy—and connect them together into networks that fuel discretionary effort.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
Enabling Organizational “Response-Ability” to Change

Successful organizational transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

Articles  |  24 January 2020
Avoiding strategic surprises: beware of the lurkers!

The most challenging surprises in strategic projects are those that have been hiding in plain sight from the beginning.

Articles  |  23 January 2020
Paul Polman: A sustainable leader making global changes

Former chief executive officer (CEO) of Unilever, Paul Polman, shows us how global change must originate from leaders of large organizations.

Articles  |  8 January 2020
Brightline: employee engagement is key to delivering a successful transformation

Many organisations are sceptical of business transformation, perhaps as a result of having tried and failed in the past. With Brightline’s support, however, businesses can follow a clear process that guarantees results


Articles  |  9 September 2019
Research Highlight – Workshops on better managing surprises in strategy implementation

Brightline and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working with teams of senior managers to fine-tune and validate a set of workshop tools that allows strategy professionals to understand how their organization manages...

Articles  |  15 August 2019
Making Failure Work

For all organisations and managers failure is a recurring reality. But despite failure being all pervasive, few individuals or organisations respond positively. Making failure work productively requires managers to recognise that plans need...

Articles  |  27 May 2019
Surprise: leveraging the unexpected in strategy implementation

Research suggests approaches to enhance practitioners' improvisational abilities

We love to emphasise the importance of details in strategy planning. This leads to a false confidence that all we need to do is “push the button” and lean back to watch our strategy implementation unfold.

Articles  |  22 April 2019
Survive, then thrive: Four ways to emerge stronger from a corporate crisis

Crisis comes in all shapes, sizes, and severity levels. From data breaches to product recalls, handling challenges is an inevitable part of leading a business. When your company has been thrown into chaos, how can you leverage the...

Articles  |  15 March 2019
The Brightline Initiative is recognising the need for people-related solutions

When pursuing a change of strategy direction, leaders can often overlook the people already within their organisation. However, with the need to close the gap between strategy design and delivery more important than ever, it appears...

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