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Videos  |  29 November 2022
Building Resilient Organizations, a new PMI | Brightline & Thinkers50 book.

Best Practices, Tools, and Insights to Thrive in Ever Changing Contexts.

With contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world, Building Resilient Organizations will enable you and your organization further to develop resilience as a muscle in your organization.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
Transform or Reset? The Future of Education [Strategy@Work 2020]

How can we hit reset the higher educational model? Three visionary educationists suggest how we can reframe the future of education.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can we advance women leaders in workplace? [Strategy@Work 2020]

How can leaders drive a culture that celebrates diversity, equity and includes different opinions?

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How social impact and purpose are the new pillars for transforming your company [Strategy@Work 2020]

Deepa Prahalad, Efosa Ojomo & Carolina Da Costa discuss how serving social impact and purpose can transform your company for good.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
Transformation on the Frontlines of COVID-19: A Perspective from Healthcare [Strategy@Work 2020]

This panel during the Strategy@Work 2020 Conference discussed the massive transformation at the frontlines around the healthcare sector.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How can leaders engage their people fully? A conversation with Michelle Stacy and Whitney Johnson [Strategy@Work 2020]

Only people can generate growth and innovate yet employees are the most undervalued resources.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
What is the Next Frontier in Space Exploration [Strategy@Work 2020]

Is there are renewed dynamism for space exploration? There is enhanced international participation, more engagement from private industry, and excitement based upon a new leadership vision.

Videos  |  23 June 2021
Transforming for Sustainability: Tom Szaky in conversation with Sunil Prashara [Strategy@Work 2020]

How can leaders transform their organizations that proactively address social causes in a meaningful and impactful way?

Videos  |  23 June 2021
How is COVID-19 accelerating globalization [Strategy@Work 2020]

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed glaring gaps between the developed and developing economies. How will the power equation change the world?

Videos  |  23 April 2021
Leading Rapid Organizational Transformations Successfully [Strategy@Work 2020]

Leading organizational transformation takes enormous courage and commitment. Truly engaged leadership involves solving challenges and creating environments in which breakthroughs with lasting results occur.

Videos  |  5 February 2021
How are leaders adapting and transforming? Top insights from Brightline StrategyAtWork 2020

Given our current transformative times, how are leaders succeeding in adapting and innovating? At the 2020 Strategy@Work conference, 330 global senior leaders across industry meet and discuss.

Videos  |  15 January 2021
How can we transform higher education?

Brightline and TED collaborate to bring the transformation story of GEM

How can higher education adjust the traditional model to the ever-changing needs of the learners?

Videos  |  18 November 2020
Why Every Transformation Journey needs the Brightline Transformation Compass

Winning companies and their CEOs can navigate change, empowering their people to make quantum leaps in ability and performance. Transforming their companies is one of the top concerns for any CEO.

Videos  |  22 January 2020
The Transformation Imperative Livestream

How to Navigate Change in the Era of Transformation?

Watch The Transformation Imperative Livestream. At the World Economic Forum at Davos on 21 January 2020, Brightline Initiative together with Boston Consulting Group and the Project Management Institute supported The Transformation...

Videos  |  26 March 2019
Transforming Ideas to Results in Government

Brightline Initiative meets Margot James

In this interview at the Websummit 2018, Minister James talks about the importance of transforming ideas into reality in the government.

Videos  |  22 March 2019
How InSTEDD Transformed the Way We Manage Pandemics

Brightline Initiative and TED Case

InSTEDD is a nonprofit founded with an ambitious vision: to create a global alarm system for pandemics.

Videos  |  20 March 2019
TED & Brightline present: How to transform bold ideas into impactful results

At TED 2018, Brightline Initiative asked leaders “How do you take a bold idea and make it a reality?"

Videos  |  10 March 2019
Brightline at Davos WEF 19 – Interview with Ricardo Vargas, executive director, Brightline Initiative

Ricardo Vargas, executive director, Brightline Initiative: "People and technology must work together to frame the future"

Videos  |  26 February 2019
Highlights - Brightline Initiative at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 in Vienna

Brightline Initiative partnered with the world’s leading management conference—the Global Peter Drucker Forum, its 10th-anniversary edition. The event was held at the Imperial Palace in Vienna (Austria). The Forum’s main theme was...

Videos  |  19 February 2019
Highlights - Brightline Initiative@WEF Davos 2019 - Design and Implement a Future-Proof Strategy

How will technology change the future of the workforce? What strategies should leaders pursue to make the most out of the human capital in their organizations? How should short-term and long-term horizons in an era of such change and...