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Videos  |  15 January 2021
How can we transform higher education?

Brightline and TED collaborate to bring the transformation story of GEM

How can higher education adjust the traditional model to the ever-changing needs of the learners?

Videos  |  18 November 2020
Why Every Transformation Journey needs the Brightline Transformation Compass

Winning companies and their CEOs can navigate change, empowering their people to make quantum leaps in ability and performance. Transforming their companies is one of the top concerns for any CEO.

Reports  |  20 October 2020
How to lead through uncharted times – TED2020 Insights

Whether you are in business or government, at a university or nonprofit, leading through a time of transformation is always a challenge — one where old metrics for decision-making no longer work.

Case Studies  |  1 April 2019
A (Brilliant) case study: How do you turn a big, bold, potentially game-changing idea into a reality?

InSTEDD is a small nonprofit founded with an ambitious vision: to create a global alarm system for pandemics. Twelve years in, it’s driving toward its mission — by instinctively following Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles.

Topics: Strategy

Videos  |  22 March 2019
How InSTEDD Transformed the Way We Manage Pandemics

Brightline Initiative and TED Case

InSTEDD is a nonprofit founded with an ambitious vision: to create a global alarm system for pandemics.

Videos  |  20 March 2019
TED & Brightline present: How to transform bold ideas into impactful results

At TED 2018, Brightline Initiative asked leaders “How do you take a bold idea and make it a reality?"

Videos  |  27 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #10 – Celebrate success and recognize those who have done good work

Inspiring people is part of your job!. Yes, you have to drive accountability and focus on delivery, but you also need to motivate those who do the work. Watch the video.

Videos  |  26 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #9 – Develop robust plans but allow for missteps — fail fast to learn fast

Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance!. The old axiom is as true as it ever was, but in today´s business environment, strategy planning cycles must be more rapid, dynamic, and agile than in the past. Watch the video.

Videos  |  25 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #8 – Check ongoing initiatives before committing to new ones

Resist the temptation to declare victory too soon!. With the right governance, leadership, rigor, and reporting capabilities in place, you can regularly evaluate your portfolio of strategic initiatives. Watch the video.

Videos  |  24 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #7 – Demonstrate bias toward decision-making and own the decisions you make

Follow your decisions through to delivery! Commit to making strategic decisions rapidly. Move quickly to correct course, reprioritize, and remove roadblocks. Watch the video.

Videos  |  23 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #6 – Promote team engagement and effective cross-business cooperation

Beware of the “frozen middle!”. Gain genuine buy-in from middle and line managers by engaging and activating them as strategy champions rather than just as managers and supervisors. Watch the video.

Videos  |  22 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #5 – Be bold, stay focused and keep it as simple as possible

Encourage smart simplicity! Initiating or rapidly reacting to dramatic changes in the business environment is an increasingly important capability for success. Watch the video.

Videos  |  21 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #4 – Leverage insight on customers and competitors

Don’t forget to look outside!. Continue to monitor customer needs, collect competitor insight, and monitor the market landscape for major risks, unknowns, and dependencies. Watch the video.

Videos  |  20 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #3 – Dedicate and mobilize the right resources

Inspire and assign the right people to get the job done! Actively balance “running the business” and “changing the business” by selecting and securing the right resources for each — they often have different needs. Watch the...

Videos  |  19 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #2 – Accept that you’re accountable for delivering the strategy you designed

Do not underestimate entropy! The orchestration required to succeed in today’s fast-changing and complex business environment is enormous. Watch the video.

Videos  |  18 June 2018
Brightline's Principle #1 – Acknowledge that strategy delivery is just as important as strategy design

Strategy delivery doesn’t just happen automatically once it is designed! The importance of active and visible leadership cannot be overstated. Watch the video.