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Reports  |  23 August 2021
Blockchain-Driven Transformation

How Distributed Ledger Technologies Have Changed the Enterprise Forever

With digital assets, smart contracts, and shared distributed ledgers, blockchain tech is a catalyst for enterprise transformation.

Reports  |  12 March 2020
Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Blockchain

Interac and Its Bold Plan to Change the World, One Ecosystem at a Time

How Canada’s largest digital payments company is using blockchain to seize new market opportunities in the energy and health care sectors.

Reports  |  2 March 2020
Distributed Power

How Blockchain Will Transform Global Energy Markets

In this research, energy expert and innovator Lawrence Orsini shares his work on blockchain applications that will transform global energy grids at local, national, and international levels.

Infographics  |  2 March 2020
[Infographic] Blockchain in Global Trade

Revitalizing International Commerce in the Digital Era

This infographic explores how blockchain can improve global trade for all stakeholders—banks and financiers, corporations, logistics companies, regulatory bodies, insurance providers, and customs authorities—and lays out a road map for...

Reports  |  2 March 2020
Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain as an Operating Platform for AI

This research examines the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies.

Reports  |  19 July 2019
Blockchain and The Chief Strategy Officer

How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Change Strategy Design and Delivery

This research details how blockchain technology supports strategy design and delivery in innovative enterprises.

Reports  |  20 May 2019
Blockchain and The Project Management Office

A Distributed Platform for Strategy Delivery and Organizational Transformation

Research shows that while most executives understand the potential of blockchain to inform strategy and minimize decision-making biases of the boardroom and C-suite, not many have made significant progress.

Reports  |  18 December 2018
Building a Framework For Blockchain Adoption – What CEOs Should Know

In this white paper the author lays out what CEOs should know to design strategy for commercializing this new disruptive technology. That’s what he did in the mid-late 1990s for Lou Gerstner, then CEO of IBM, when IBM was sizing up its...

Reports  |  10 December 2018
The Convergence of Big Data and Blockchain – Disrupting the Business of Data Analytics

This white paper explores how distributed ledgers will change business models dependent on free big data. Distributed ledger technology will enable instant payment networks, loyalty schemes, aggregated metadata, multi-jurisdiction...

Reports  |  4 December 2018
The Nine Disruptions – Why We Need a New Social Contract for the Digital Economy

This white paper describes nine disruptions to our global economy and society, driven by the technological explosion of the fourth industrial revolution, the globalization of the factors of production, the demographic paradoxes of skilled...

Reports  |  26 November 2018
Blockchain and the Chief Human Resources Officer

This white paper explores how blockchain will enable organizations to find the right skills and talent at the right time for the right price. That capability will be critical to project management and strategy delivery.

Reports  |  20 November 2018
Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain – Toward a New Era in Precision Medicine

This white paper explores a new model of healthcare delivery that works for both medical professionals, the patients they serve, and the regulators providing oversight. In this model, patients co-create and own their data, have full access...

Reports  |  5 November 2018
Blockchain, the Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0

This white paper explores how distributed ledgers will serve as open platforms for strategy delivery in the fourth industrial revolution.

Reports  |  5 November 2018
Distributed Connectivity – The Blockchain-enabled Future of Telecommunications

This white paper explores the breadth of blockchain’s impact on the telecommunications industry. The author presents a framework for evaluating use cases, actionable ideas for blockchain implementation, the risks and limitations of...

Reports  |  23 October 2018
Blockchain and the CMO – The Next Era of Marketing

Chief Marketing Officers can show clear returns on marketing investments and leverage new models of customer acquisition and retention. The author explains how CMOs are unlocking new areas of value creation while protecting brand...

Reports  |  17 October 2018
Blockchain and The Global CIO – How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Transform Enterprise Architecture and the CIO Role

This white paper explores the blockchain’s impact on enterprise IT architecture and the role of the Chief Information Officer, and how the convergence of emerging technologies will help catalyze distributed 'business models based on...