27 July 2023 | Online

Transformation in action: A tale of two transformations

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In this talk, the CIO of UNOPS, Tushar Dighe, talked about the story of two digital transformations at UNOPS, one that occurred several years ago and one that is currently ongoing.

For the former, with time, there are victories to cherish and sobering lessons learned.

For the latter, an attempt at trying to keep the good practices and avoid mistakes. The two stories of transformation within the same organization but with a distance of time promise to provide interesting perspectives.

Tushar Dighe, Chief Information Officer and Director, Information Technology Group, UNOPS

About the Presenter

Tushar Dighe joined UNOPS in 2006 where he began as a Systems Architect. Since then he has worked in several capacities including, among others, Strategic Business Advisor, ICT Enterprise Reporting Lead and Director of the Business Innovation and Improvement Programme.

In his latter role, Mr. Dighe led a team to help transform the administration of UNOPS operations through a more efficient, integrated set of processes, systems and reporting mechanisms. Today as Director, Mr. Dighe leads IT at UNOPS, bringing in a culture of innovation to deliver solutions for the organization beyond technology. Prior to joining UNOPS, Mr. Dighe co-founded an award winning business management software company and was Managing Director of a software company in India.