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Brightline Initiative and IESE Business School Collaborate to Explore Fundamental Trade-offs in Transformation and Strategy Implementation

The research collaboration will be published in a series of articles offering guidance for senior executives. By applying the insights from the research, leaders may be able to successfully manage their most important trade-offs.

Making Failure Work

For all organisations and managers failure is a recurring reality. But despite failure being all pervasive, few individuals or organisations respond positively. Making failure work productively requires managers to recognise that plans need...

Engaged Leaders Make Stronger Companies

What does it mean to be a role model in a leading organization? To answer that question, we can look to strategy implementation leaders—organizations that can adapt to new or unexpected markets, move ahead of their competition, and...

Research Highlight – Workshops on better managing surprises in strategy implementation

Brightline and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working with teams of senior managers to fine-tune and validate a set of workshop tools that allows strategy professionals to understand how their organization manages...

Case Studies
Built For Speed: How Swift Strategy Execution is Improving the Lives of UAE Citizens

UAE Vision 2021 is an initiative that aims to make the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a world-leading country. Here are some of the principles that helped them successfully complete 40+ high-priority challenges under a 100-day deadline. 

Characterizing the Gap Between Strategy and Implementation

The last century has witnessed a rapid increase in global population, mobility, urbanization, and commerce. What should be our response to this age of connected complexity as practitioners, thought leaders, and researchers? These times push...

The Transformation Playbook

Insights, Wisdom and Best Practices to Make Transformation Reality

Transformation is not a neat theory, but a human imperative in our fast-changing times. Transformation has never been more important and the human side of transformation is now, at long last, being fully appreciated.

Brightline: employee engagement is key to delivering a successful transformation

Many organisations are sceptical of business transformation, perhaps as a result of having tried and failed in the past. With Brightline’s support, however, businesses can follow a clear process that guarantees results

Paul Polman: A sustainable leader making global changes

Former chief executive officer (CEO) of Unilever, Paul Polman, shows us how global change must originate from leaders of large organizations.

Avoiding strategic surprises: beware of the lurkers!

The most challenging surprises in strategic projects are those that have been hiding in plain sight from the beginning.

Enabling Organizational “Response-Ability” to Change

Successful organizational transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

People-centred transformation is an urgent priority for a fast-changing world

The existential threat facing organizations is clear. They must change, or they will die.

Organizations cannot change unless their people change, and most transformation efforts fail because organizations over-emphasize the tangible side of change and under-emphasize the emotional one.

[Infographic] Blockchain in Global Trade

Revitalizing International Commerce in the Digital Era

This infographic explores how blockchain can improve global trade for all stakeholders—banks and financiers, corporations, logistics companies, regulatory bodies, insurance providers, and customs authorities—and lays out a road map for...

Strategic Transformation Research

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

In this report, we examine the correlation between strategy implementation success and transformation effectiveness and speed. We also dig into factors such as adaptability, the adoption of formalized processes, and how frameworks are...

Strategic Transformation Research – Appendix

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

This appendix is a complementary resource to “Strategic Transformation: Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times,” research report.

New Executive Report on How Leaders Succeed at Strategic Transformation in Transformative Times

Philadelphia, PA – 7 April 2020 Brightline™ Initiative explores the correlation between successful strategy implementation and transformation to aid business leaders transform the way they transform. The failure rate in implementing...

5 essential strategic steps to transform your organization

Leaders must approach organizational change with an integrated perspective. These five takeaways, which emerged from our survey of more than 1,000 business leaders, will set your organization on the right path.

How can Leaders Transform their Organizations in Crisis

Ricardo Vargas and Tahirou Assane

How can leaders transform their organizations in times of crisis? Any event that can challenge the survival of your organization can result in a productivity change that lasts.

Transformation is personal

Organisational change is brought about one individual at a time

It is easy to say how important people are, but it is often difficult to translate the recognition of this importance into implementation. A change of behaviour or a change of outlook by one individual in an organisation is the cellular...

Perpetual Transformation

Practical Tools, Inspiration and Best Practice to Constantly Transform Your World

Transformation is no longer a short-lived initiative. It is not a program. It is not linear. Instead, the world’s leading organizations now embrace transformation as a challenging, stretching, exciting and essential constant in their...

Transformation Ignition Points

Making sense of transformation — and the idea of perpetual transformation — is undoubtedly a demanding task. But, while each situation in an organization feels very different, the reality is that there are shared experiences, fears and...

Strategy Implementation Playbook

Through examples, stories, videos, provocative questions and mini case studies, leaders come away with an understanding of how to conquer the strategy implementation challenge in their organizations.

Strategy Implementation Playbook

Through examples, stories, videos, provocative questions and mini case studies, leaders come away with an understanding of how to conquer the strategy implementation challenge in their organizations.

Modern Strategy Execution: Digitizing Your Strategy

In this Transformation Talk, we discuss common barriers to digitizing your strategy and solutions to overcoming them now and in the future. He will also share tips to use when evaluating technology for strategy implementation.