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The Chief Transformation Officer

Why Transformation Leaders Matter, What They (Should) Do, and What They Need to Succeed

In this report, Project Management Institute (PMI) and Accenture examine how the individuals who take on this emerging role drive effective enterprise transformation and ultimately build a company-wide “changing capability.” Our...

Increasing Number of Companies Create Chief Transformation Officer Role, According to New Report from the Project Management Institute and Accenture

Successful enterprise transformations require a new chain of command and support structures

With seven in 10 enterprise transformation efforts failing to meet business leaders’ expectations, many companies are adding a new executive role to the C-Suite: the chief transformation officer, according to a new report from Project...

Transformation Ignition Points

Making sense of transformation — and the idea of perpetual transformation — is undoubtedly a demanding task. But, while each situation in an organization feels very different, the reality is that there are shared experiences, fears and...

The Digital Transformation Playbook

What You Need to Know and Do

Second edition – An indispensable resource for you and your organization as you embark on the exciting and challenging journey of digital transformation

Transformation Talks

Our Transformations Talks provide insights, best practices, and practical advice to help businesses navigate complex transformations successfully, fostering adaptability and growth in an ever-evolving business landscape.

To Disrupt, or To Be Disrupted? That is the question.

In this talk, Daniel Moczydlower shares Embraer-X's story and how they are crafting extraordinary futures, exercising the ambidextrous thinking at Embraer.

Situational Intelligence

In this talk, Guila Clara Kessous, tells us about the concept of situational intelligence will help prepare to find inner resources in uncertain times.

Strategy Luck

Competencies to navigate unpredictable waters

Three competencies for strategic luck that can help you navigate the unpredictable waters we face today

Transformation in action

New technologies offer not only innovations for new products or new ways of production but also opportunities for organizations to bring their communication and cooperation skills to the next level.

How to Transform Strategy Execution with Digital Infrastructure and Establish Modern Strategic Governance

More than ever, companies need adaptability and fast, agile strategic decision-making. However, while technological developments—and digitalization in particular—have transformed virtually all areas of business management, progress has...

Resiliency's Role in Strategy and Transformation

This discussion will explore Strategic Doing, an evidence-based, practice-proven framework for digital transformation and resiliency in organizations. Strategic Doing was incubated at Purdue University and leaders are utilizing it across...

Commercial Space Industry: Exporting value to the World

In this Transformation Talk, Jamila Mendoza, founder of Space Management and the Institute Council Deputy Leader, aims to raise awareness of the potential of the commercial space industry for the audience, appreciating that space goes...

Modern Strategy Execution: Digitizing Your Strategy

In this Transformation Talk, we discuss common barriers to digitizing your strategy and solutions to overcoming them now and in the future. He will also share tips to use when evaluating technology for strategy implementation.

The Story of DBS Bank: Lessons from a World-Class Digital Transformation

Robin Speculand shares how DBS Bank transformed from a traditional bank to the world’s best by leveraging digitalization

Digital transformation for teams that are not digital-first, yet.

A Brightline's Transformation Talk with Rahul Avasthy, who leads digital transformation and experience at Abbott Laboratories.

Blockchain-Driven Transformation, with Anthony D. Williams.

In this Transformation Talk we will discuss how leaders can make changes to people and processes to make the adoption of blockchain a success.

Crafting Human-centered Transformation

Are you a good leader? And are you leading good organizations? What is the relationship between doing good, being good and profits?

How can ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) be a pivot for transformative change?

Unpack the Transformative Power of the 3 Pillars of Corporate Sustainability.

Why the CFO Must Become the Quarterback of Enterprise Transformation

with Kam Agarwalla

While need for transformations is ever increasing, high failure rates are raising investor scrutiny, requiring CFOs to step up and bridge the gap between internal and external stakeholders. This will require CFOs to make a paradigm shift in...

Becoming Future-Ready

with Howard Yu

We will explore the Future Readiness Indicator, a framework that gauges organizations on how well they are prepared for future challenges and opportunities, as featured by CNBC and BBC. We will take a close look at how leaders prepare...

Leading AI-driven Business Transformation: Are You In?

In this exclusive webinar, Lenka Pincot, Eddi Conforto, and Tahirou Assane, Brightline's director, discuss and share recommendations and practices to help executive leaders successfully implement AI-driven transformations in their...

Transformation in action: A tale of two transformations

In this talk, the CIO of UNOPS, Tushar Dighe, talked about the story of two digital transformations at UNOPS, one that occurred several years ago and one that is currently ongoing. For the former, with time, there are victories to cherish...

Hallucinations, Algorithmic bias and Generative AI Temperature

Navigating untruth and truth in a world of (mis)information

This talk explored the complex issues surrounding untruth, truth, and perceptions of reality in an age of advanced technology and abundant information.