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Survive, then thrive: Four ways to emerge stronger from a corporate crisis

Crisis comes in all shapes, sizes, and severity levels. From data breaches to product recalls, handling challenges is an inevitable part of leading a business. When your company has been thrown into chaos, how can you leverage the...

Strategy@Work Conference 2019

Brightline's exclusive invite-only conference for strategy and transformation executives and thought leaders from world-class organizations to exchange insights, share experiences and build networks. Every organization is eager to find an...

Blockchain and The Chief Strategy Officer

How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Change Strategy Design and Delivery

This research details how blockchain technology supports strategy design and delivery in innovative enterprises.

Brightline Initiative Study Identifies Crisis Mode Learnings that Create Stronger Strategy Implementation Capabilities

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In partnership with Quartz Insights, Brightline™ Initiative today announces the release of research report “Learning From Crisis Mode – Implications for Better Strategy Implementation”. The...

The Brightline Initiative and HBR-AS Global Survey Report Highlights How Culture Beats Structure

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Brightline™ Initiative explores how organizations can change their way of working to improve strategy execution....

Brightline Initiative and IESE Business School Collaborate to Explore Fundamental Trade-offs in Transformation and Strategy Implementation

The research collaboration will be published in a series of articles offering guidance for senior executives. By applying the insights from the research, leaders may be able to successfully manage their most important trade-offs.

Making Failure Work

For all organisations and managers failure is a recurring reality. But despite failure being all pervasive, few individuals or organisations respond positively. Making failure work productively requires managers to recognise that plans need...

Research Highlight – Workshops on better managing surprises in strategy implementation

Brightline and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working with teams of senior managers to fine-tune and validate a set of workshop tools that allows strategy professionals to understand how their organization manages...

The Brightline Transformation Compass

A comprehensive system for transformation

Project Management Institute, together with Behnam Tabrizi, renowned expert in Transformation.

Davos 2020: The Transformation Imperative

At the World Economic Forum at Davos on 21 January 2020, Brightline Initiative together with Boston Consulting Group and the Project Management Institute will support The Transformation Imperative, a panel discussion hosted by The Economist...

The Transformation Playbook

Insights, Wisdom and Best Practices to Make Transformation Reality

Transformation is not a neat theory, but a human imperative in our fast-changing times. Transformation has never been more important and the human side of transformation is now, at long last, being fully appreciated.

Brightline: employee engagement is key to delivering a successful transformation

Many organisations are sceptical of business transformation, perhaps as a result of having tried and failed in the past. With Brightline’s support, however, businesses can follow a clear process that guarantees results

The Transformation Imperative Livestream

How to Navigate Change in the Era of Transformation?

Watch The Transformation Imperative Livestream. At the World Economic Forum at Davos on 21 January 2020, Brightline Initiative together with Boston Consulting Group and the Project Management Institute supported The Transformation...

Enabling Organizational “Response-Ability” to Change

Successful organizational transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

People-centred transformation is an urgent priority for a fast-changing world

The existential threat facing organizations is clear. They must change, or they will die.

Organizations cannot change unless their people change, and most transformation efforts fail because organizations over-emphasize the tangible side of change and under-emphasize the emotional one.

Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain as an Operating Platform for AI

This research examines the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies.

Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Blockchain

Interac and Its Bold Plan to Change the World, One Ecosystem at a Time

How Canada’s largest digital payments company is using blockchain to seize new market opportunities in the energy and health care sectors.

Strategic Transformation Research

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

In this report, we examine the correlation between strategy implementation success and transformation effectiveness and speed. We also dig into factors such as adaptability, the adoption of formalized processes, and how frameworks are...

Strategic Transformation Research – Appendix

Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times

This appendix is a complementary resource to “Strategic Transformation: Mastering Strategy Implementation in Transformative Times,” research report.

New Executive Report on How Leaders Succeed at Strategic Transformation in Transformative Times

Philadelphia, PA – 7 April 2020 Brightline™ Initiative explores the correlation between successful strategy implementation and transformation to aid business leaders transform the way they transform. The failure rate in implementing...

5 essential strategic steps to transform your organization

Leaders must approach organizational change with an integrated perspective. These five takeaways, which emerged from our survey of more than 1,000 business leaders, will set your organization on the right path.

Strategy@Work: Unlocking the Truth about Transformation

Strategy@Work is a conference for strategy and transformation leaders from world-class organizations to exchange insights, share experiences and build networks. Our attendees include global C-level executives and thought leaders from the...

When tides turn, it’s time to transform

Every organization needs to chart its course. Change can be hard—even more so if your employees don’t have a clear direction. Start any transformation by defining your vision and how it impacts your employees and customers.