12 February 2024 | Online

Why the CFO Must Become the Quarterback of Enterprise Transformation

with Kam Agarwalla

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While need for transformations is ever increasing, high failure rates are raising investor scrutiny, requiring CFOs to step up and bridge the gap between internal and external stakeholders. This will require CFOs to make a paradigm shift in their role from traditional Finance team leaders to transformation quarterbacks across the enterprise.

Our conversation will focus on three topics on role of CFOs in driving transformation success:

  1. Rebuilding the trust in transformation: Externally, investors are skeptical of committing further investments to transformation and are requiring more rigor in measuring ROI and enterprise value creation. Internally, stakeholders have also become fatigued by repeated failed transformation promises. How can CFOs rally internal and external audiences to believe in and commit to the next transformative effort?
  2. Stepping up as the quarterback in transformation: There are now many players involved in transformation - from Chief Transformation Officers to CHROs to CIOs to Boards and Investors. With all these players involved, why is it the CFO who must quarterback transformation? Because they are the owners of company data and information. How can CFOs use this data to “sell” the story of transformation to ensure all important stakeholders are back “on board?”
  3. Becoming a transformative leader: To be the quarterbacks of transformations, CFOs will need to learn new skills. What are the key skills to move from traditional Finance leaders to leading cross-functional transformations? How can CFOs lead their peers without stepping on jurisdictional roles?
Kam Agarwalla, Managing Director at Accordion

About the Presenter

Kam Agarwalla

Managing Director at Accordion

Kam is a Managing Director with more than two decades of experience in consulting with Private Equity and Fortune 500 companies. His specific areas of focus include leading complex cross-functional business and digital transformation, growth initiatives, EBITDA optimization, global business services setup, intelligent automation, and M&A Integration.

Prior to Accordion, Kam was a Partner/Principal in the Consulting practice of EY. In this role, Kam led US Consulting Solutions for Lead-to-Cash end-to-end transformation and SG&A Optimization.

Additionally, Kam played various leadership roles in buildout of Agile Finance Transformation practice, managing operations, business development, opening new accounts, building trusted client relationships, developing high performing teams, liaising with vendors, and integrating capabilities across practices.

Before EY, Kam spent six years with Capgemini, helping clients drive Front Office Transformations including Sales Effectiveness, Customer Experience Transformation and CRM implementation. Example benefits include 2x growth 3 years, $150s M/year cost reduction, >$300M/year synergy realization, 20% sales productivity, 10-20% working capital improvement, margin improvement etc.

Kam has worked internationally in America, EMEA and APAC. He has experience across multiple industries including, private equity, technology, industrial and consumer products, professional services, financial services and healthcare.

Kam is a member of National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). He holds a Masters of Science in Engineering with Minor in MIS from Texas Tech University. He also completed a certificate program in Alternative Investing from Harvard Business School.