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Articles  |  5 February 2020
Changing the Way We Change

Removing the resistive forces to change by reducing learning anxiety is the key to unlocking the discretionary effort of your people to maintain the viability and vibrancy of your business.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
People-centred transformation is an urgent priority for a fast-changing world

The existential threat facing organizations is clear. They must change, or they will die.

Organizations cannot change unless their people change, and most transformation efforts fail because organizations over-emphasize the tangible side of change and under-emphasize the emotional one.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
Catalyse an Adaptive Leadership System

Overcoming organization extinction requires a new leadership system

Organizations are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate. This mass extinction is happening because companies can’t evolve quickly enough to keep up with the accelerating rate of change. If organizations can’t adapt they die.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
Enabling Organizational “Response-Ability” to Change

Successful organizational transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

Articles  |  4 February 2020
The Disengagement Epidemic: Can Ona Rescue Us?

A tool called Organization Network Analysis (ONA) allows companies to uncover their hidden Zappers—those who create energy—and connect them together into networks that fuel discretionary effort.