What are the Skills and Functions Required of the CSO to Implement Strategy in Large Organizations?

We see the birth of the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) position within the governance of large corporations, in a transfer process of responsibility for strategy execution to a specific role in an organization’s top management teams.

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You may have framed a definition of what business organization strategy is, but how do you strategy into achievable results? Enter the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) position. We see that large corporations are creating a specific role for the CSO in their top management teams.

Together with INSPER, Brightline Initiative has mapped the profile of the CSO or the executor of strategy in large Brazilian companies. We interviewed executives in charge of strategy in 80 large for profit companies.

What are the critical skills needed for successful strategy execution in a world full of uncertainty? This report will unpack the key skills needed for a successful Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

In this report you can find more about:

  • What is the career trajectory of the CSO role?
  • What are the 9 critical skills needed?
  • Are there any observable differences among men and women CSOs?
  • What are the functions and structure of the strategy team?
  • What are the common tools and performance measures that CSOs use?
  • What is the future of the CSO role?

Published on 18 June 2020, by Brightline Initiative, Insper