Workbook by Technical University of Denmark - DTU – Jan 17, 2019

The Strategy Implementer Workbook

A Workbook for Mastering People and Uncertainty in Implementing Strategy Initiatives

Why you should care

Only 10% of senior executives implement their strategy well. 59% of organizations struggle with the day-to-day of strategy implementation and fail on 1/5th of their strategic objectives. That is a trillion-dollar problem.

This workbook presents a practical guidance for running executive-to-shop-floor-level workshops for mastering two key challenges in strategy implementation: Uncertainty and People Impact. It helps you by differentiating your strategy work into four categories: Discover, Experiment, Transform and Excel. This Workbook is complementary to other resources developed by the Brightline Initiative, such as the 10 Principles and the People Manifesto.

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The Workbook is based on research carried out at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Engineering Systems Division and Engineering Systems RiskLab, by Prof. Dr. Josef Oehmen (PI), Prof. Dr. Joana Geraldi, Diana Velasco, Dr. Iben Stjerne, Line Christiane Lund Strøm, Pelle Lundquist Willumsen, Bzhwen A Kadir, Morten Wied and Verena Stingl.

What you will get

In this workbook you will get a hands-on tool, the Strategy Implementer. It helps you in reducing the failure risk of your strategy initiatives by choosing an implementation approach that addresses the critical uncertainties and people impact of your initiative. This workbook is a guide for facilitators’ preparing implementation workshops. You will find the necessary background information, tips and workshop material on the following pages.

Table of Contents

01 The Foundation of the Strategy Implementer
  • Four categories of strategy initiatives
  • Three key uncertainties
  • Transition of a strategy
02 Preparing your Strategy Implementation Workshop
  • Tips for the facilitator
  • Design principles to support a workshop
03 Guide to use the Strategy Implementer
  • Your journey through the three exercises
  • Exercise 01: Map
  • Exercise 02: Analyze
  • Exercise 03: Take action
04 The Strategy Implementer
  • Exercise 01: Map
  • Exercise 02: Analyze Exercise 03: Take action

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