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Infographics  |  21 August 2019
Engaged Leaders Make Stronger Companies

What does it mean to be a role model in a leading organization? To answer that question, we can look to strategy implementation leaders—organizations that can adapt to new or unexpected markets, move ahead of their competition, and...

Articles  |  22 April 2019
Survive, then thrive: Four ways to emerge stronger from a corporate crisis

Crisis comes in all shapes, sizes, and severity levels. From data breaches to product recalls, handling challenges is an inevitable part of leading a business. When your company has been thrown into chaos, how can you leverage the...

Articles  |  20 November 2018
The three Cs of better strategy implementation

When it comes to strategy implementation, there’s often a gap between what businesses aim to deliver and their de facto capabilities. Reasons for disconnect between a desire to improve strategy and an ability to do so boil down to three...

Infographics  |  11 September 2018
Timing is money

The four dilemmas of timing when to implement a business strategy. Although we have become quite savvy about knowing whether an innovative idea is disruptive, we don't really have tools for knowing when such disruption should happen, and...