Guiding Principles WorkshopInstructor's guide

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True to its global ambitions, Brightline highlighted the challenges between strategy design and delivery in several locations across the globe. Through workshops at TED conferences, Web Summit, and Chief Strategy Officer Summits, Brightline has educated participants on its 10 Guiding Principles to help bridge the strategy-implementation gap and transform ideas into results.

In line with our thought and practice leadership and capability building pillars, and to share our message with a larger audience, Brightline has prepared this instructor’s guide for business leaders.

To increase awareness and understanding within your organization, deliver the Brightline Guiding Principles workshop “Why great ideas fail and how to make sure they don’t”, using the videos, supporting material and step-by-step process provided below.

What is this instructor's guide?


Download the supporting materials and files to deliver a successful workshop. The files include presentations, banners, and videos. Some of them are optional.

Notice: all materials available for download are not for commercial use.


Workshop ChecklistChecklist of what you must have in place to deliver the workshop in your organization.xlsx
Workshop Slide DeckSlide Deck to be used during the workshop.pdf
Guiding Principles Radar (Spider) ChartNew Exercise "Where does your organization stand on the application of the Guiding Principles?".pdf
Guiding Principles BrochureBrightline Initiative official brochure with the 10 Guiding Principles.pdf


Guiding Principles Animated10 animations produced by TED in partnership with Brightline. Each video is about 1 minute long and the files are compressed in a zip file (70 MB).zip
"Questions""Questions" video produced by TED for Brightline (1080p - 1:37min).mp4
"Metaphors""Metaphors" video produced by TED for Brightline (1080p - 2:23min).mp4

Case Study

Tesla Case StudyCase study and questions about Teslapdf

Step 2 Watch the Instructions (45min)

Join Ricardo Vargas, Brightline Executive Director while he goes through the workshop slide deck providing tips and advice for a successful delivery.

He advises on how to set up the workshop location, how to best use the resources available and so on.

Step 3 Watch our workshop recorded session (1h)

Watch a workshop session presented by Ricardo Vargas, Brightline Executive Director and Tahirou Assane, Director of Operations, during the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Skip to 33m23s on the video to begin after the presentation of our Guiding Principles.

Step 4 Deliver the Workshop in your Organization

Now it's time for ACTION! Schedule and deliver this workshop within your organization.

Step 5 Share the results and your Feedback

How did your workshop go? Was it well received? Do you feel that your organization has benefitted from learning Brightline’s 10 Guiding principles and participating in the workshop?