The Business Case for Openness: Implementing Strategy in a Drawbridge-up World

Watch the video. Brought to you by the Economist in partnership with The Brightline Initiative.

There is a growing awareness among investors about the value of engaging constructively with important global issues and building agile alliances in a world heading toward protectionism and seclusion. The event was held in Davos, Switzerland, on January 23, 2018, by The Economist Events and was supported by the Brightline Initiative, Project Management Institute, and The Boston Consulting Group.

The Business Case for Openness discussed:

  • What is the role of businesses in pushing for openness and collaboration?
  • How exactly can corporate players be the agents of the change their customers, employees and investors want to see?
  • How are leaders articulating and implementing their strategy (not just their PR story line) to address openness and collaboration?
  • What innovative cooperation models involving private companies, non-profit organizations, academia, and governments are achieving this?
  • How can companies coordinate their profitability agenda with the responsibility to the societies that grant them the right to operate?
  • And what are the tools and structures that help organisations and people collaborate?


  • Tamzin Booth – Business affairs editor, The Economist
  • Hugh Johnston – Vice-chairman and chief financial officer, PepsiCo
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois – Executive vice-president and president, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft
  • Miki Tsusaka – Senior partner, managing director and chief marketing officer, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Jonathan Auerbach – Executive vice-president, chief strategy and growth officer, PayPal

Published on 24 January 2018