14 September 2023 | Online

The Best Laid Plans: Solving for People in Strategy Execution

Cassie Solomon and Mark Holst-Mikkelsen discussed real examples of the people-related pitfalls in strategy execution and how they can be avoided.

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It is often the case in strategy execution that the “best laid plans” come apart when the time comes to understand 1) who is going to do the work, and 2) who is going to make the decisions about the new plan. Strategy execution often involves cross-functional work across departments, and there is extensive research about the challenges that face this type of team. Faced with the cross-functional challenges of unclear roles and multiple approvals, strategy execution bogs down. The best laid plans do not get implemented. This creates a huge loss of value and impact, but fortunately there is a way out of this.

The classic RACI tool (widely adopted by project professionals) can be tailored to help solve people-related problems in strategy execution. RACI explicitly calls out decision making, which is critically important as cross-functional teams attempt to implement strategy at speed and at scale in a rapidly changing world.

In this talk, Cassie Solomon and Mark Holst-Mikkelsen will discuss real examples of the people-related pitfalls in strategy execution and how they can be avoided. Attend to equip your organization to bridge the creation of strategy creation with its implementation and ensure impact.

Cassie Solomon, CEO, RACI Solutions
Mark Holst-Mikkelsen, PhD, DecideAct

About the Presenter

Cassie Solomon

CEO, RACI Solutions

A highly experienced organizational change consultant, strategist and executive coach, Cassie is the founder of RACI Solutions and The New Group Consulting, Inc. Trained at Yale, Penn, and Wharton, she applies system-level thinking to clarify and streamline teamwork and structure in complex organizations. She has been teaching RACI and helping her clients use it effectively for over 20 years. Cassie teaches at the Wharton School of Business and her book, Leading Successful Change: 8 Keys to Making Change Work, (Wharton School Press, 2020) co-authored with Gregory P. Shea, helps leaders successfully navigate the ever-increasing pace of change.

About the Facilitator

Mark Holst-Mikkelsen

PhD, DecideAct

A highly experienced expert in how digitization and automation of strategy execution can enhance speed, quality, and impact in business transformations. Mark has written several publications on strategy execution and helped many global organizations to develop best practices in strategy execution.