9–10 October 2019 | Helsinki – FI

Nordic Business Forum 2019

A business conference that will change you and your business

The Brightline Initiative is a main partner of the Nordic Business Forum. Over the past 9 years, Nordic Business Forum has become known as the leading business conference series in Europe, bringing together world’s foremost business thought leaders, influencers, and public figures. The flagship conference in Helsinki attracts thousands of C-level business executives from all over the world to visit the conference and to see it on the live stream. Customer experience like no other, attention to detail, an impressive speaker lineup, top notch customer service, bright-minded attendees, and exceptional networking atmosphere – these are all the reasons why people keep coming to our conferences year after year.

Nordic Business Forum 2018


George Clooney : Academy Award-winning actor : A conversation on storytelling, branding and legacy

Randi Zuckerberg : Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media : Dot Complicated: What I Learned on the Front Lines of Social Media

Steve Wozniak : The most iconic Silicon Valley founder : Co-founder of Apple & Inventor : A Conversation on Creativity, Innovation and Technology

Brené Brown : Research professor at the University of Houston : Dare to Lead

Daniel Pink : Bestselling author : The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Sara Blakely : Spanx Founder & Chief Executive Officer : How to find your idea for growth?

Alex Osterwalder : Co-founder of Strategyzer : The Invincible Company: Closing the Innovation Culture Gap

Donald Miller : CEO of StoryBrand : How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

Juliet Funt : CEO at WhiteSpace at Work : The Strategic Pause

Costas Markides : Professor at the London Business School : Innovation as a Springboard to Success

Carla Harris : Managing Director at Morgan Stanley : Strategize to Win