26–27 September 2018 | Helsinki – FI

Nordic Business Forum 2018

The Brightline Initiative is a main partner of the Nordic Business Forum. In just nine years, the forum has become one of the world’s most significant business conferences for a reason. The events are known for a customer experience like no other, attention to detail, an impressive speaker lineup, top notch customer service, and bright-minded attendees. Some have even called it a business conference and a rock concert all wrapped into one. Be inspired, discover new ideas, and build valuable networks. You will not regret attending.


President Barack Obama
44th President Of United States Of America

Lindsey Vonn
Olympic Gold Medalist, Alpine Skiing & Founder of the Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Marcus Buckingham
Founder of the Strengths Revolution, Researcher, and Best-Selling Author

Steven Kotler
Author, Co-Founder of the Flow Genome Project, leading expert on Ultimate Human Performance

Andrew McAfee
Author, Co-Founder of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Don Tapscott
Media Theorist & Author

Susan Cain
Author, Co-Founder, Quiet Revolution

Gary Hamel
Professor, London Business School
Director, Management Lab

Aswath Damodaran
Professor at the Stern School of Business

John Mackey
Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market

Amy Cuddy
Author, Social Psychologist

James Hewitt
Chief Innovation Officer at Hintsa Performance, Performance Scientist

Niklas Zennström
Founding Partner and CEO of Atomico and co-founder of Skype