Designing and implementing a future proof strategy

Technology has undoubtedly been a disruptive force to policy, business and the economy. Adding to that, backlash against the tech titans has overshadowed technology’s potential to create value by giving a dystopian future disproportionate spotlight. Ongoing debate looms about where the future of the workforce is headed and whether policymakers and business leaders are doing enough to prepare.

In the backdrop of examining the future of globalization in Davos, The Economist will gather leaders across business and policy to shed light on an area where collaboration for creating and implementing strategies is urgently needed - technological progress and the future of human capital. The event is supported by the Brightline Initiative, Project Management Institute, and The Boston Consulting Group.

This year’s gathering will ask questions such as:
  • How will the future of the workforce shape and be shaped by this unprecedented wave of technological change?
  • Are longterm strategies applicable when faced with so much change and uncertainty?
  • How will leaders create policies to ensure that human capital realizes its potential?
  • How can businesses navigate the gap between hype and reality to stay ahead of the curve and contribute to progress?

Last year’s event, The Business Case for Openness, covered the growing awareness among investors about the value of engaging constructively with global issues, especially in a world heading toward protectionism and seclusion.

Watch highlights from last year's programme, supported by the Brightline Initiative, Project Management Institute and The Boston Consulting Group in the video.

You can also see more videos, including the full panel discussion, and also photos, on the previous event page.


Patrick Foulis – Schumpeter columnist, The Economist

Ann Cairns — Vice chairman, Mastercard

Rainer Strack – Senior partner and managing director, Boston Consulting Group

The Venue

Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère, Promenade 89 - Davo

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