Turning Ideas into Results

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy Design and Delivery

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How to turn your ideas into reality?

Through the 10 Guiding Principles, Brightline® Initiative puts the power of idea implementation and strategy execution in the hands of Senior Executives with this free course on Coursera.

You will explore how external and internal factors impact your and other organizations’ capability to implement strategies. You will understand Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles and see how they are brought to life in real-world examples from the profit-, non-profit- and government sectors.

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Marcel Suchy, Head of Strategy

Joseph Barry, VP Strategy and Market Development

Jesus Pizarro, VP of Innovation

Learn from global leaders and experts on how to turn ideas into results

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. Only 1 out of 10 executives successfully deliver all of their organization’s strategic initiatives.

This course will help you as a leader of your organization to bridge that costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery.

We bring you interviews from global leaders and experts to share their experiences and examples in strategy implementation. You will also analyze a fictional case and create a strategic action plan following the 10 Guiding Principles.

After completing this course, you will through the perspective of a Senior Executive comprehend how the 10 Guiding Principles can address and resolve your organization’s strategic challenges and reach its strategic goals.