20 October 2022 | Online

Open Strategy and Resiliency

How does opening your strategy help you to become more resilient?

While maintaining your confidentiality, open strategy enables you to incorporate front-line staff, subject-matter experts, suppliers, customers, business owners, and even rivals. You will be better able to navigate this new period of uncertainty.

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And in case you're wondering whether it actually works, a survey of 200 corporate leaders reveals that although just 30% of their efforts used open-strategy methodologies, those same initiatives nevertheless produced 50% of their revenues and profits.\

About the Presenter

Christian Stadler is a professor of strategic management at Warwick Business School.

His award-winning book “Open Strategy. Mastering Disruption From Outside The C-suite” helps you to adjust to a new and more open world. In 2021 Thinkers50 shortlisted Christian for the strategy award.

Christian Stadler, Professor, Warwick Business School, and Forbes Open video Contributor