What Are The Main Things that Stop Strategic Initiatives Being Implemented?

Jan 08, 2018

Short interviews with attendees of the Thinkers50 Awards 2017:

  • Jeanna Liedtka – Darden School, University of Virginia
  • Erica Dhawan – Founder & CEO, Cotential
  • Johanna Mair – Stanford University / Hertie School of Governance
  • Margarita Mayo – Author: “Yours Truly: How to Stay True to your Authentic Self in Leadership and Life”
  • Tariro Masukume – AMBA Membership Manager
  • Anders Indset – Author: “Wild Knowledge: Outthink the Revolution”
  • Marshall Goldsmith – Author: “Triggers: Sparking positive change and making it last”
  • Anil Gupta – University of Maryland

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