[Strategy@Work] The Human Side of Transformation

Feb 03, 2019

We need to rethink how strategies are implemented. The link between design and delivery is made of solutions created and implemented by people. This panel will explore some key questions: Why people are frequently the least leveraged asset although they are critical to strategic transformation? What organizations can do to leverage their most critical and important asset, their people?


  • Richard Straub, Founder, and President, Global Peter Drucker Forum
  • Susan Steele, Executive Partner IBM Global Talent and Engagement Centre of Excellence
  • Claudio Garcia, EVP Strategy and Development. Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist, Executive Director, Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture
  • Vishal Lall, Chief Strategy Office, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Richard Straub: “We are thinking the wrong way about the human side of transformation. We are taking an engineering perspective, not looking at the problem through a human lens. We are looking through a purely economic or technocratic lens.”

Susan Steele: “We need to personalize the transformation for each individual. There is a failure to embrace analytics, to personalize the transformation for them.”

Rahaf Harfoush: “The Human Side of transformation is a universal issue for organizations.

Vishal Lall: “No transformation can be successful without looking at the human side. in most transformations, the human side is an after-thought, the biggest blind spot is that leaders do not think of the human side of transformation.

Claudio Garcia: “Before we start the transformation project, we should look at the human dynamics. Transformation is a human journey.”

About the Conference

Strategy@Work is Brightline’s flagship event for strategy executives and thought leaders from world-class organizations to exchange insights, share experiences and build networks.

The conference, held in New York in November 2018, brought together world’s top leaders from the business, government, academic, and social sectors for a common mission of reducing waste caused by poor strategy implementation.

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