[Strategy@Work] Mind the Gap: Connecting Strategy Design and Delivery

Feb 03, 2019

Watch the full panel consisting of top thinkers, strategy and innovation experts, and leaders at the Brightline Initiative’s Strategy@Work conference in New York City. Growth and prosperity depend on implementing the right strategies in the right way. Several pieces of research have shown that executives recognize there is a gap between strategy design and delivery. This panel will discuss two main questions: In an era of disruption and volatility, what are the main causes of this gap? What can leaders and organizations do to close this gap?


  • Rita McGrath, Professor, Columbia Business School
  • Richard D’Aveni, Bakala Professor of Strategy, the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
  • Montazar Muhalhal, General Manager of Strategic Initiatives Office, Saudi Telecom Company (STC)
  • Deepa Prahalad, CEO, Anuvaa LLC, author, and innovation consultant


Rita McGrath: “We (leaders) have this enormous desire to be right. The amount of human breath that gets wasted on trying to prove that we’re right about situations in which there are no data and where you know the right answer doesn’t exist yet it’s just ridiculous, So let’s stop arguing about who’s right and instead focus your energy on figuring out what the right answer could be. “

Prof. De’Aveni: “We are too often stuck in old paradigms that make it impossible for us to think about the future and we need to break that before we get anywhere.”

Montazar Muhalhal: “Whenever we’re faced with a challenge we used to either throw processes at and think that they would be resolved or assigned KPI’s which in my opinion don’t work so it’s it’s extremely important to think of how would we have another third duffel bag in order either to mix both.”

Deepa Prahalad: “While there is a lot of choices still left to be made by humans even in the advent of new technologies new questions arise about our perspective, processes and how to best deploy the new tools that we have.”

About the Conference

Strategy@Work is Brightline’s flagship event for strategy executives and thought leaders from world-class organizations to exchange insights, share experiences and build networks.

The conference, held in New York in November 2018, brought together world’s top leaders from the business, government, academic, and social sectors for a common mission of reducing waste caused by poor strategy implementation.

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